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Cisco SIP Phone Configuration

Basic Configuration

Here is a Cisco SIP configuration diagram that shows a more advanced configuration that provides very fast failover in the event one of our servers should go down.  For a basic configuration, you can leave all options at default and use just the options specified in blue.  The blue options need to be changed to details specific to the SIP device you created in your portal, not the values shown in the diagram.

Advanced Configuration

For the more advanced setup, we are using DNS SRV records which indicate alternative servers to use with weighted priorities.  If you opt to use the options in red, please ensure you select all of them or the configuration will fail.  For these red options, you can copy what is shown in the diagram.  For clarity, the advanced options required for this setup are:

Outbound proxy: pbxhq.com

Use Outbound Proxy: Yes

Use DNS Srv: Yes

DNS SRV Auto Prefix: Yes

Register Expires: 300

Note, the register expires is always nice to have at a low value when you setup a phone with failover capabilities.  It is not as useful to have failover if the registration will not expire for the default time, which is typically 3600 seconds.




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