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How to Register a SIP Client with pbxHQ

To register a SIP client (desk phone or softphone) with our service, you need three things:

  1. Username: An identifier that is unique to your account for the device. Each phone needs its own username, which you generate in the pbxHQ portal.
  2. Password: An alphanumeric string used to protect and authenticate the username with our service.
  3. Realm: Also referred to as a domain, proxy, registrar, or server this is the address where we host the PBX.

This tutorial explains where to find the details above, known as SIP credentials, and what to do with them. For demonstration purposes, we use the softphone ZoIPER. Additional screenshots appear below for other VOIP phones and softphones.

Step One: Opening SmartPBX

Firstly, once inside of the pbxHQ portal, launch SmartPBX. It will be your default app when your account is first created.

For registering a SIP client, you will need to create a device. You can create a device for a particular User from within the Users menu on the left side of SmartPBX. Or if you are creating a device to later be assigned to a user, you can go right to the Devices menu option and create the device there. Several device types will provide SIP credentials, and they all work the same with some minor exceptions, it is easiest to just select the softphone type device (even for a deskphone).

  • Add Device From Devices

    Add Device From Devices

  • Creating a new device from Users Menu

    Creating a new device from Users Menu

  • Device Details

    Device Details

    Step Two: Generating the SIP Credentials

    The first thing you must do is enter a name for your new device. This is just for your reference, some common names might be a combination of the person who will use the device, along with the type of device. For example, "Bobs Zoiper". If you did not create the device from within the Users menu, you will have the option to assign the device to a user. It is recommended to do this, so the device will be reachable.

    The three credentials you need will be available to you right on this screen, "SIP Username", "SIP Password", and "Realm". You will need all three of these to connect your SIP device. While SIP Username and password can be changed to any values you like, it is usually best to leave them as they are, as these are auto-generated and strong combinations to prevent someone from guessing your details and making calls on your account.

    Step Three: Setting up Your Phone

    For ZoIPER, open the application on your desktop. This process is the same for smartphones and other softphones. If you wish to configure a desk phone, open its settings in your browser. You can do this by looking up its IP address.

    Within ZoIPER, click “Settings” in the top toolbar, then “Create New Account.” Our service uses SIP, so please make sure this is the option you choose next.

    After pressing continue, you will find three input fields for your SIP credentials. Copy and paste them here. Once inputted, click next to complete your registration. ZOIPER will ask if you want to auto-detect settings: please disable this feature.

    Step Four: Troubleshooting your SIP Client

    If your phone does not register, there are a few steps that you can take to identify the problem. Firstly, confirm that the SIP credentials are correct.

    Otherwise, try reinstalling the software or factory resetting your device. For IP phones, always check for firmware updates, too.

    To ensure the issue is not network-related, try disabling your firewall before re-registering. While this is a temporary solution, it is a test that can reveal where the registration issue exists.

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