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Initial Setup of Your pbxHQ Hosted PBX Account

There will be a lot of information in this guide, feel free to skip to areas most relevant to you:

  1. Important information to understand about your account
  2. First steps all users should consider taking
  3. Other resources


1. Important information about your account

How billing works

Your credit card will only be charged if you create a billable item, and then confirm that you accept the charges involved.  Every billable item within our system, will always prompt you for confirmation before it is added to your system.  You do not need to worry about getting charged for anything unless you have acknowledged the charge during creation of said item.  Here are two examples:

Bad: When attempting to add 100 outbound trunks, you will see a message like this

charge confirmation


Good: Adding phone numbers to your account (for promotion users with first 5 numbers free):

charge confirmation free


While still discussing billing, auto credit top-up or auto balance notifications should be enabled to make sure your account can always make and receive calls.

All of these screenshots are found within your account Control Center, under the tab labelled "Usage Charges"

Add funds manually to your account:

credit add funds manually

 Setup Low Balance Notifications:

credit notify

Create Auto Top-Ups:

credit auto recharge


Account Details you Can and Likely Should Change:

Your account name and account realm are both changeable.  For ease of logging in, and ease of configuring your VoIP devices, it is nice to change both of these to simpler forms of their what was set automatically for you.


Account name:

Personally, I prefer simple one word account names.  There is nothing wrong with having a longer account name, but if you will allow your other phone system users access, it will be easier for them with a more basic account name:

account name

Account realm:

This is the SIP Domain / SIP Realm that you will use when configuring SIP devices.  For my own account, I use 1pbx.sip.pbxhq.com. 

It is strongly recommended to keep this as <something>.sip.pbxhq.com so that the hostname will still resolve to our SIP servers.

account realm

Account Timezone:

You should set this to the timezone most of your system users will be in.  It can also be set on a per-user basis, but that is unneccesary if they are in the same timezone that is set account-wide.

account timezone


2. First steps all users should consider taking

Setup the user that was auto-created properly:

These steps will be taken care of automatically when adding additional users, but they will need to be done manually for the auto-created admin user:

Create your extension number:

user extension

Create your Voicemail:

user voicemail


user voicemail settings


Add a Main Number to your account

You can purchase your first number right from within the Main Number section of your account.  Or if you have already purchased a number, you can select "Add from spare numbers".

This will automatically setup your account-wide call display settings.  As with almost all settings, it can be overridden on a per-user basis.

main number


Setup call handling of your main number:

main number call handling


Setup your second user

This screen can be located by going to the "Users" menu and simply selecting "Add User"

user add user


Add devices for your Users:

SIP Softphone Device

device add

Cell phone

device add cellphone

Add more Apps to your account!

Even though most PBX functionality can be found within SmartPBX, we have a TON of other apps available for you, all free of charge!  We hope you will explore the possibilities by enabling some:

Apps Menu

apps menu

Blue App Exchange Button

apps app exchange

Apps Menu with a Few Additional Apps Installed:

apps app extra installed


3. Other resources


Visit Our Community

If your question is not specific to your account, the best place to find an answer will be at our community discussion. Our staff get notified immediately of new posts.

Join the conversation

Submit a Ticket

Our technicians are always here to help. If you cannot find the answers you need in our support center, then send us an email. A representative will promptly get back to you with a solution.

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