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Text to Speech

Although our PBX supports voice recording and uploading, some users may prefer to write their greetings and convert the scripts using speech-to-text. There are many reasons a user might wish to do so.

  •  High-Quality Voice Messaging: Recording a voicemail or IVR greeting in a crowded, noisy environment reflects poorly on the business or user. Text-to-speech processing occurs without feedback or other audio imperfections.
  •  Dialect and Other Vocal Nuances: Some people do not feel confident enough in their verbal communication skills to record a greeting. Speech-to-text solutions offer an alternative.
  •  Re-usable Media: Each time you create a message with TTS (Text to Speech), a media file is generated so you can continue to re-use this in other aspects of your system with ease!  Also, this works well for seasonal or temporary messages you may need to play.  Always have them ready to re-use just by selecting them in a simple drop down menu.
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