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You can easily setup your account so that you are able to dial numbers exactly how you are used to dialing numbers.

As with most features of our system, this can be set on an account-wide basis, or more fine grained on a User basis and/or Device basis.

A Global PBX without the typical nuisances

What do we mean by this?  Well, typically with a PBX solution meant to service users all over the globe, all users would need to dialout in international e.164 format.  Put simply, it is +<country code> <number>.  For US and Canada that would look like +16477991999.  With other global systems, you would have to setup dialplans on each and every SIP phone/client to get around this limitation.

Not Anymore!

We have built in System Dial Plans that can be enabled with a simple click.  Currently, we have a dialplan for US and Canada, which allows you to dial 10 digit numbers like you are used to, and we will add the +1 automatically.  

But wait there is more!

So, you have a few users who are used to 7 digit dialing without having to dial area code?  No problem!  Use the US and Canada dialplan account-wide, and then setup specific dial plans for those users who are used to dialing 7 digit numbers without area code.  Your dialplan will simply add the area code onto the number for them.

Lets take a look

First, account wide US+Canada



User Dialplan To Add Area Code

I know this isn't the best example since it has been a VERY long time since Toronto has used 7 digit dialing. But there are many locations with smaller populations, where 7 digit dialing still exists.  A setup like this would work perfect:

dialplans areacode


You can use the exact Regex pattern I used above, it just matches 7 digits in a format that resembles a phone number without area code.  I will post it here for your convenience:




To make sure your Dial Plan is working, there is a convenient test tool which I have demonstrated in the above image.