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Multiple Ways to Connect to pbxHQ

Many of our customers ask, “Do I need new phones to use your PBX?” In short, the answer is no. If you own a smartphone like most, you can download an app and connect instantly.

To get the most out of your PBX experience, you will want to connect a SIP client. This includes physical VoIP phones and software phones, referred to as softphones. Of course, you can also forward calls to ordinary devices like landlines and mobile phones.

VoIP Phones

 VoIP phones resemble traditional desk phones, only they run off Ethernet instead of landline cables. Most come with warranties and useful onboard features like transferring and holding.

Yealink SIP Client


Mid-range VOIP devices that are user-friendly and feature-rich.

Polycom SIP Client


Durable, robust business VOIP phones and conference devices.

Cisco SIP Client


An industry leader in VoIP phones, adaptors, and routers.

Grandstream SIP Client


Low-to-mid range products, recognized for their innovation and affordability.

Astra SIP Client


Now under Mitel, Astra products can be found amongst a wider range of SIP products.

Snom SIP Client


Affordable SIP phones available widely around the world.


 Softphones are applications for your desktop or mobile devices. You can download most for free, though premium versions are sometimes worth the investment.



One of the easiest softphones to configure and troubleshoot; the perfect bare-bones SIP client.

Bria SIP Client

X-Lite/Bria 4

Both free and premium versions available, perfect for testing then upgrading later on.

Powerful PBX Features

Free Features

Includes all business essentials like voicemail, voice menus, ring groups, and conferencing.

Month-to-Month Billing

No Contracts

Cancel your account at any time. We're a prepaid service, so there's no risk in getting started.

Credit Card Payment Options

Easy Balance

Funds in your account never expire. Subscribe with a credit card for hassle-free billing.


Simple Setup

Our phone system uses an intuitive web interface for extreme ease of use. No experience or equipment required.