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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 06:02

Updates to Account Dashboard

Some tweaks have been made to our account dashboard to give added functionality and minor bug fixes.

Changes Live

Here are the changes you will see now live on our account dashboard

Payment Method Fixes

Previously, updating your credit card was only impacting what we had stored at our payment gateway. This means that if your credit card was about to expire, the notifications within the pbxHQ portal itself about a card expiring soon would not go away immediately. Only when a payment was processed, or an automatic monthly payment was performed, would the payment method update within the portal. We are now instantly pushing new payment methods set within the dashboard to our pbxHQ platform.

For the most part, this is just a cosmetic change as any payment would have automatically used your updated card, but it is just better all around for our pbxHQ portal to always know of your most up-to-date payment method.

Additional functionality within the dashboard

Visiting the Cloud PBX page will now sync your account details realtime with the pbxHQ portal

If you changed your Account Name, or your primary admin e-mail address previously, our dashboard was still showing the original details set when the account was created.

Now, visiting the Cloud PBX page will always sync up your account name and admin login. If for some reason you deleted your main admin account, it will even look for any other admin accounts that were created and update your details based on that account.

New User List Page Added

You can now view a list of all users you have created inside the pbxHQ portal.

  • Shows login email address for each user
  • See which users are admins
  • Displays the primary extension number of each user (if one has been set, which you should do!)

What to expect next

More changes coming in the next few days

  • View your current service plan, along with all billable items within the plan
  • Ability to change your service plan
  • Exploring the ability to allow password resets for your pbxHQ portal users. It is easy to do this on the portal itself, and it may be more secure to just force it to be done through the portal. This way, you can only reset your password if you have access to the admin email address.
  • Ability to create a new admin user in case you delete your only admin account by accident. (Please don't do this)

Coming mid to late October

Global phone number ordering from within the dashboard!

At first we said global coverage would be coming in Q1 2021, but we are planning on adding at least 15-20 countries within the next few weeks.

Most likely, this will include all countries where our high quality vendors offer coverage, where there are no additional documentation requirements to get the numbers.

What do you want to see come to the account dashboard next?

Please comment below what improvements you would like to see to the account dashboard. This can be improvements on current functions, or new features that would make navigating your account easier.

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